Brew on Premise

Step 1 – Select a beer

from our list and the size of the batch of well over 100 beer recipes, including many that are like the popular favorites you may be use to plus some of our own that we have developed in-house.

Step 2 – Fire up the kettle for brewing

You’ll measure out your malt, hops and yeast according to your recipe sheet into the various containers. From there, you’ll add the ingredients (in the order and time shown on the recipe sheet) into the kettle. After about an hour, your wört (unfermented beer) is ready to be rapidly cooled to room temperature and pitched with your yeast. Then off to the fermentation or cold room it goes! Don’t worry; we’ll be there to guide you through the process as much as you need.

You then book a time to come back and bottle your brew, usually 2 – 3 weeks later. Be sure to allow yourself some time to have a chat and sample other available beers on tap.

Step 3 – Bottling the beer

Arrive on your bottling day with your own clean bottles (or buy them from us); we will sterilize the bottles but it helps if you keep them clean in the first place. If you are doing a 5 gal batch, you will need 50-52 12 oz. bottle or 28-30 22 oz. bottles. For 10 gal batches just double the quantity.

When bottling your beer, you will be adding more sugar for the live yeast to create the carbonation in the bottles. This is called bottle conditioning and the carbonation process will take about a week for the beer to become carbonated. You will need to keep the bottles at room temperature for that time.

If you are lucky enough to have a keg fridge system, just bring in your empty kegs and we do the cleaning, filling and gassing for you, it’s that easy!

It’s also an ideal time to put your next brew on so it’s ready for bottling when you finish this brew!

Step 4 – Chill and Enjoy!

After the week of carbonation is complete, you can place some bottles in the refrigerator, then get some friends and family around to let them marvel at your craftsmanship.

As part of our commitment to quality, we are always willing to provide our expertise to anyone requiring assistance with sampling their brew. Please let us know if we can help!



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