Professional Associations

Brewers Association - The Brewers Association is an organization of brewers, for brewers and by brewers.

American Homebrewers Association - The Community for Homebrewers.

Local Orginazions

Homebrew Clubs:

Hop Barley & Alers - Boulder Homebrew club

Mile High Monks - Denver area homebrew club which sets itself apart from other local clubs by actually brewing beer at every meeting.

Foam On The Range - Denver-Metro area Club

Indian Peaks Alers - The Indian Peaks Alers is a diverse group of brewers with a common goal of making better beer

Edgewater Fermentation Society - The Edgewater Fermentation Society (formerly Yeasty Bottoms) was born organically after a number of friends in Edgewater, Colorado realized they were all into homebrewing at various levels.

Beer Stuff: - With over 10,000 recipes, this is a very good resource for all home brewers looking for clone recipes or new ideas for a new recipe. This site has a vas database of grains, hops and yeast, which is very helpful to the new brewer or the experienced.

Beer Drinkers's Guide to Colorado - The Beer Drinker's Guide to Colorado Beer Map has been Updated and Revised. It's still loaded with all the same great information, plus current Brewery and Brewpub listings, and coupons for Free Beer, Free Glassware, and Discounts on Homebrewing Supplies across the state! Buy it now, and become a beacon of beer and travel information in Colorado!

Five Star Chemcials - Five Star Chemicals & Supplies, Inc. is proud to provide chemicals, equipment, parts and supplies to the following industries; Craft Brewing, Home Brewing, Diary and Farm, Pharmaceutical, Janitorial, Restaurant, Automotive, Commercial and General Maintenance

Ruby Street Brewery - Full featured high quality home beer brewing structure unlike anthing else on the market. Signature bent tube design loaded with solid stainless steel fittings and kettles combines a unique blend of form and function for quality brewing, durability and easy storage.

Hop Union Hop Variety A valuable resource for the home brewer to find out everything about hop varieties and subtitues for your batches.

Beer Forums:

Brewers Round Table - Beer Forum, Wine Forum, Recipes and other info

Formostbrewing - On-line brewing companion by giving you the information, tools, resources and community to improve your brewing experience.

Wine Info:

Beginner's Guide to Wine tasting - Good articale on Wine tasting.


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