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We Are Proud to Announce our new line

of Cheese Making Equipment and supplies

Making food is a combination of both art and science. Put them together and you have a visually appealing food product which is both aesthetically and tastefully appealing. A rapidly increasing number of people today are enjoying taking food creation techniques back to basics and uniquely crafting it themselves, exactly how they like it!

New England Cheesemaking Company

Founded in 1978 by Ricki Carroll, aka 'the cheese queen' & the author of Home Cheese Making, we provide cheesemaking and dairy products around the world. We bring you the best selection of ingredients & equipment for home and artisanal use and happily share our expertise with our customers. In sharing stories, teaching classes and basically loving what we do, we provide many free recipes and a technical support system for your benefit. Enjoy and welcome to the world of cheesemaking!