Classes - Beer

If you’re new to home brewing and are wondering how this works, it’s easy! All you have to do is schedule an introductory class! This class teaches the basics of Home brewing, and all you need to know to use Do Your Brew’s equipment. The class will include all the training, and your first 5 gallon batch of beer. Clean up is handled by the staff, all you have to do is learn and enjoy your new hobby. Price for the class is $85.00 which does not include bottles.

For the experienced home brewer, we offer a wide selection of beer styles to choose from. We also offer two different size batches, 5 Gallon and 10 Gallons. Prices vary by style of beer and batch size; 5 gal. range from $65-75, and 10 gal. is $100-110

Please call for available and scheduling.